Pig and a Poke Tuesdays


My favourite show, Supernatural, premiered its ninth season today, and what a premiere it was.  For those of you who don’t know, Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they hunt all kinds of supernatural creatures—all the while, saving the world a time or two (or three… or four…or seven…I’ve lost count). 

The first few seasons of the show revolved around the brothers finding their dad, learning about their past and hunting creatures such as angry spirits and wendigos.  Eventually, the brothers learned that demons existed, and for a while, killing demons was their main goal.  After demons, was Lucifer (that’s right, the devil himself) and stopping the apocalypse, followed by more monsters and demons, leading to the brothers’ discovery of angels.  Along with new angel friend Cas, the brothers had to fight, yet again, to stop the end of the world.

Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen countless people come and go (mostly go) and have had the chance to meet some incredible characters, like Bobby Singer, Death (yes another show with a horseman and the apocalypse) and Kevin Tran (funny story: my roommate in third year was a guy that looked just like K Tran, and no word of a lie, his name was Kevin Tran…crazy coincidence, I know).  However, what’s always been our constant, are Sam and Dean.

As years have gone by, the brothers have fallen out numerous times and have died too many times to count.  After watching tonight’s episode, I am pleased to see that the brothers are back to being as close as they were in the past.  The show’s dynamic works best when the brothers are on good terms.  I like that this season is focusing on their relationship and that the brothers are putting each other first, instead of everything else.

Without giving away spoilers, tonight’s episode was a great way to start the season.  After having the brothers on the brink of death so many times, the writers of Supnat have done a great job of keeping the storyline fresh, which was executed again tonight with Sam’s storyline.  Overall, I am definitely looking forward to this season, after all, no one’s died on a Tuesday, right? 😉


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