Enter Horseman Number Two

Tonight episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled “John Doe” saw Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane taking on another case to stop the apocalypse.  The episode starts with a young boy, dressed in old fashioned clothes, running through a forest, following a young girl.  The young girl disappears and we see a figure on horseback running behind the boy. The young boy ends up in Sleepy Hollow and brings with him a plague of biblical proportions (literally).

Right off the bat, my guess was that the man on horseback was Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse.  This would mean that we have been introduced to two of the horsemen.

As the episode continues, more people are exposed to the plague, leaving Abbie and Ichabod to trace the boy’s path through the forest.  The duo stumbles upon a lost community of settlers which turns out to be the boy’s home.  Believing that the lost community is the key to stopping the plague, the duo returns home to explain their discovery to their boss.  However, upon arriving back home, Ichobod notices that he has been exposed to the plague as well and is put in quarantine—leaving Abbie to solve the mystery herself.  While passed out in quarantine, Ichabod discoveries that his wife, Katrina, is stuck in purgatory.

Near the end of the episode, we get to see Pestilence once more.  However, his plans to spread a plague through the modern world were thwarted by Abbie and Ichabod, resulting in him disappearing.  The episode ends with Death (the Headless Horseman) rising from the water at night, presumably to search for his head and to continue his mission to bring forth the apocalypse.

Again, I must say, I am incredibly impressed with this show.  The mix of supernatural legends, biblical stories (including the apocalypse and the Four Horsemen), and a well loved literary character has made for a show that is incredibly interesting to watch.  Its fun guessing along with the show and trying to piece together the mysteries of each episode.  I also love that they haven’t forgotten that Ichabod isn’t from our time, so things would be different for him.  They do a good job of adding little reminders in (like when he was holding a shower loufa and sniffed it, then gave it a really strange look).  I definitely recommend Sleepy Hollow to anyone who is a fan of supernatural, fantasy shows, or anybody just looking for a new, interesting show.

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