Don’t Reign on My Parade

Last night was the premiere of a new show titled Reign.  The show is about Mary, Queen of Scots [Adelaide Kane] before her marriage to France’s Prince Francis [Toby Regbo].  The episode starts with an assassination attempt on Mary’s life where she is living in a convent.  In order to keep her safe, she is sent to the French Court where her betrothed, Francis, lives with his father King Henry II [Alan Van Sprang], mother Catherine de Medici [Megan Follows], and half brother Sebastian (the King’s bastard son) [Torrance Coombs].

Upon arriving in France, Mary is reunited with her ladies in waiting (and friends) Greer, Lola, Kenna, and Aylee.  During the initial meeting, Catherine receives a message from Nostradamus (who has visions of the future), that Mary will be her son’s downfall and their union will lead to his early death.  As the show progresses, character loyalties sway and different relationships develop.

Now, what’s a teen show without a love triangle?  My prediction is that a love triangle between Francis, Mary, and Sebastian is going to occur.  Mary, who has been betrothed to Francis since she was six, simply wants to fall in love with him, but he pushes her away on countless occasions (fearing what will happen if he falls in love with Mary, but doesn’t end up marrying her due to his political duties).  In a moment of grief over something Francis said, Sebastian steps in and offers comforting words to Mary.

Meanwhile, Catherine is plotting to get rid of Mary as she doesn’t want her son to die, Nostradamus is having visions, the ladies in waiting are getting into mischief (one starts sleeping with the King), Sebastian and his mother (the King’s mistress) are up to something regarding something bloody in the woods, and a mysterious person saves Mary’s life.  For one episode, quite a lot happened.

Overall, I think the show is going to be a massive success.  It has the right amount of history to make the show compelling and believable and adds in other details for a modern, younger audience.  The show has a great soundtrack so far (which I will definitely be on the hunt for) and the imagery is stunning.  As any show geared towards teens, some things are taken out of historical context (like some of the costumes/makeup or the way Mary and her ladies behaved), but one can easily overlook these aspects to see the brilliant show underneath.  With intriguing characters, a splash of accurate historical facts, and an overflow of mysteries, Reign has done a great job of creating a historical show that will be a success.

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