I Feel Like They Ruined Peter Pan!

Just a heads up before anybody starts reading, there will be major spoilers here for anyone who hasn’t seen Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

Okay, let me just start by saying, until Sunday, Peter Pan was one of my favourite characters to ever be on OUAT (and that’s saying something, because most of them really annoy me).  I found his role was just so snarky (yes snarky) and entertaining.  He was really clever and tricksy and always answered everyone’s questions with as much sass as possible.  The fact that he was a kid—not an adult—really added to the whole dynamic of his character.  It was interesting to see the way he interacted with the Lost Boys and some of the other characters on the show.

Then Sunday’s episode rolls around, and let me say, I was not pleased….at all.  The show was continuing with all its drama, as usual, and then we got to see some more of Rumplestiltskin’s back story.  When he was a boy, Rumple lived with his father (who was creepy and a drunk bastard).  His father would gamble their money away and didn’t actually try to get a real job to make money to support his son.  He drops Rumple off with these two older women so he can ‘go get a job’ (as he tells his son), but really, he’s just going back to town to gamble some more.

Now, the old ladies give little Rumple a magic bean, telling him to use it to get away—without his father—to make a new life for himself.  As most children would (I guess), he goes straight to his dad and finds him drinking and gambling.  Now, as a child, he was upset, but thought that by showing his dad the magic bean, they could go away together and start a new life where nobody knew who they were.

Of course, the dad wants to take this chance, so he thinks of Neverland, a place he went to in his dreams as a boy (this was the first clue for a lot of people).  Upon arriving in Neverland, his dad explains about flying and pixie dust, and the two set off to find some.  When Rumple’s father realises that he can’t fly anymore—because he is an adult and doesn’t belong on Neverland—he meets the Shadow who lives on the island.

Finally realising why he can’t fly and what he must do, the plot twist is revealed.  Cue epic sigh.  Rumple’s father, in order to be able to fly and stay in Neverland, gives up his son to the Shadow and becomes young again.  That’s right folks, Rumple’s dad is Peter Pan—and that’s not even the lamest part.  He took the name Peter Pan, after the doll Rumplestiltskin accidentally left on Neverland.

Okay, so, Rumple’s dad is Peter Pan.  That isn’t the worst part about the twist.  What angers me the most, is that they made Peter Pan an adult.  Peter Pan is the boy who never wanted to grow up, and they made him a grown up! Think about the way Peter acts..the things he has said to some of the other characters, heck even the way he treated/talked to Wendy.  It all seems so much creepier—and not in a cool villain way!

They managed to make one of the best villains on the show one of the lamest now.  Also, this storyline just seemed so thrown together last minute.  I guarantee that they did not have this planned from the beginning.  Thinking back to some of the things that have been said in past episodes kind of gives it away.  Not to mention, it was such a cop out.  Hmm, what should we do so that we can get rid of Peter Pan once we don’t need him anymore?  Oh, I know, let’s make another awesome character related to the same family (is this feeling like a soap opera now to anyone else) and make a lame back story so it helps up tell another character’s story.

I literally could go on forever about how much I disliked this storyline (and not just because I’m sad to see Pan go), but because I feel like there was so much potential for this character and they ruined that.

Anyone else feel that way?  Or do you completely disagree with me?

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