The Walking Dead Fall Finale Broke Me

I finally got around to watching the fall finale of the Walking Dead tonight, and let me just start by saying no….just no.  This post will be chalk full of spoilers for those who haven’t seen it and lots of emotional rambling, so please, take caution when you proceed.

I thought about writing this post tomorrow after I’ve had a full night’s sleep and some time to reflect on the episode, but where’s the fun in that?  So here goes, my emotionally unprepared response to the Walking Dead.  Be prepared.

First, let me start by saying, never in my life have I been as mad at a television show as I was tonight…not because I disliked it…because it was so amazing and sad and heartbreaking that I cannot believe what happened (so kudos to David Morrissey for his brilliant acting and the casting crew and writers of the show).  Never in my life have I hated someone as much as I hate the Governor—not even my archenemy in real life (that’s right, I have an archenemy).

Right from the very beginning when the Governor was explaining to his people why they should take the prison, my blood was boiling…almost literally.  Really people, you’re going to believe this guy who showed up out of nowhere and took over your camp, after your two main leaders were mysteriously killed—not to mention that they were killed when said new guy showed up!

Moving on…so his dumb people believed him, et cetera et cetera and he leaves behind one lady and her daughter—again, what are these people thinking?  Seriously, how dumb were these people?  Rick gave them every opportunity to just give up and live in the prison all together, but noooooo…they choose to fight it out.  Surprise surprise, they all die (more or less).  Who didn’t see that coming?  It was kind of dumb, ruining the prison….trying to kill the people in the prison….the whole thing made me so mad for a number of reasons and I’m not sure how I’m going to recover.

When the Governor killed Hershel, I think a piece of me died.  He was literally my favourite character—yes, he even beat out Daryl—and now he’s gone.  Don’t even get me started on his face as he looked to Rick right before he died.  He knew he was going to be killed and he smiled at Rick, accepting his fate.  And poor Maggie and Beth, dear lord, they looked heartbroken, only to have to keep fighting for their lives without taking a moment to properly mourn.  Then pretty much everyone at the prison got separated and I’m extremely worried for all my favourite characters.

When Rick and Carl found baby Judith’s car seat, I almost lost it.  Though she may not be dead—fingers crossed that she’s okay—Rick and Carl looked so devastated.  Which leads me to another point: give all the awards to the amazing cast of Walking Dead.  They make the emotions look so real that you can’t help but hurt with them.  They are such brilliant actors.  Also, kudos to the writers of the show for creating such emotional storylines.

As I’ve tried to explain, this episode killed me.  I am so sad that Hershel is gone and I feel so bad for everybody from the prison.  I literally cannot properly explain how this episode made me feel.  My mind is all over the place—as you can probably tell just by my writing—and I don’t want to wait until February to see what is going to happen next.

All I can say is that I hope everyone regroups and finds somewhere safe to live, since it seems they lost the prison.

Thank you for reading the mad ramblings of a diehard Walking Dead fan, I hope I didn’t scare anyone away!

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