Welcome to Maui: Day three

15 April 2015

Waking up incredibly early is so much easier in a place like Maui.  Mornings are one of the best parts of the day.  The sun starts shining, a light breeze rolls in from the ocean, and you can hear the loud—and I do mean loud—chirping of just about every bird in the area greeting you on a new day in paradise.

The beautiful, bright morning sun!

At breakfast, we sat on our gorgeous balcony that overlooked the ocean and watch as people started their mornings.  My aunt liked to sit and whale watch.  I thought it was funny that she would bring out the binoculars, just in case she happened to see a whale.  On my second morning, I was sitting having my morning coffee by myself when I thought I spotted something in the distance.  I grabbed the binoculars to try and get a better look, and sure enough, there were a pod of whales splashing about!  At first, I saw a spout of water, then 2 whales breeched the surface.  It truly was amazing.  I didn’t get any photos as I was in the moment and just enjoying watching the whales.  I remember reading on the travel Hawaii websites that you can whale watch at different spots on the islands during the winter months, but I never actually thought I’d have the chance to see any whales, so I was extremely grateful to have that opportunity—as I absolutely love marine life.

After breakfast, Michelle and I spent the rest of the morning down at the beach, sun tanning and swimming in the ocean.  I honestly don’t think I could ever have enough time just relaxing on the beach.  After lunch, Raye and Bill took us for a drive to Wailea for some window shopping.  The area was so ritzy!

The drive to Wailea
The drive to Wailea

We walked around our area of Kihei as well and saw some of the shops.  Michelle and I even started making lists of what we wanted to bring home as souvenirs.

My sister Michelle (right) and I relaxing on the beach!
My sister Michelle (right) and I relaxing on the beach!
Michelle and I in the ocean!
Michelle and I in the ocean!

Michelle and I went for a walk along Kamaole Beach I after dinner and saw the sun start to set (be ready for lots of sunset photos as the days go on).  The sun set is so beautiful.  Something about sitting in the soft sand and watching the sun set over the water is breathtaking.

We made plans to go to the aquarium tomorrow, so we went to bed early for another long day.

Until next time, aloha!

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