Welcome to Maui: Day Eight

20 April 2015

We had breakfast on the balcony as per usual.  Then Michelle, Raye, and I went down to Snorkel Bob’s—conveniently right across from our hotel—to rent some snorkel gear when it opened at 8am.  Our hotel had a small coral reef right in front of it that you could access from Kamaole Beach I or II.  It was a great beginner spot to start our snorkelling experience.  When we went down to the beach, Michelle, Raye, and I put on our snorkel gear right away and swam over to the reef.

Snorkel ready!
Snorkel ready!

We almost immediately saw a sea turtle swim right under us.  It literally came from behind us, swam under me, and continued on to the coral.  The sensation of breathing under water was so strange.  There were so many amazing fish swimming in the reef.  It’s amazing how close you actually are to the coral and the fish.  Some of them even swim right under you! Snorkeling along the reef and getting the chance to see some of Hawaii’s native fish was one of my favourite parts of our trip!

Snorkel selfie....snelfie!
Snorkel selfie….snelfie!

When we got back to our condo, we had lunch, then got read for an afternoon in Lahaina.  We walked along Front Street—which was really cool—and spent some time shopping in all the little stores.  Front Street is right along the water (so there’s plenty of good-looking surfer guys there).  Raye and Bill went to get a drink, so Michelle and I continued to peruse the shops.  We even found a Lush store (one of our favourites)! We sat on a sea wall for a bit to rest and saw a few turtles swimming in the water.

Sitting on the sea wall in Lahaina
Sitting on the sea wall in Lahaina

It’s truly amazing seeing so many animals in their natural habitats.  We also passed Bubba Gump (the restaurant from Forest Gump)!  I wasn’t able to take a picture as there were too many people around.  Next time!  We spent some time sitting and watching the boats in Lahaina.

The boats in Lahaina.
The boats in Lahaina.
This photo doesn't really capture how amazing the rainbow was, but it gives you an idea.
This photo doesn’t really capture how amazing the rainbow was, but it gives you an idea.

When we were driving home from Lahaina, we spotted the biggest and brightest rainbow I have ever seen in my entire life! I tried to take a photo, but it really doesn’t do it justice.





Some neat facts we learned about Lahaina:

  • We passed Fleetwood’s on Front Street. The restaurant is owned by Mick Fleetwood.  He lives full-time on Maui and tried to spend as much time as he can actually at the restaurant.
  • We also visited the Banyan Tree. It’s a famous landmark and was planted in April 1873. It celebrated its 142nd birthday this year with a festival to honour it.  The tree was massive and really cool to walk through.

When we got home, we had dinner and Michelle and I went for a walk around Kihei.  We even stopped in at Honolua again to look for some shirts.  Until next time, Aloha!

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