Things to Look Forward To!!

Danielle’s 12 Days of Christmas Songs

I’ve decided to create a list of 12 of my favourite Christmas songs which I will share with you over the course of December.  I’ll be posting one every other day starting December 1st and will make sure to explain why I love it so much!  These songs are from a variety of artists and movies and are some of my most played Christmas tunes.  Some of the songs I’ve chosen are classics, while others are ones you may never have heard of.  I hope you give them a listen and feel free to let me know what you think!

My Favourite Christmas Movies

At some point this holiday season, I’ll make sure to make a post about my favourite Christmas movies (and some honourable mentions).  The lists are already started and I can’t wait to share them with you!

The Last Few Maui Posts

So you guys have stuck with me since I started posting about my trip in May, and as the year has gone on I’ve really enjoyed writing about Maui and reliving my experiences.  However, they have to come to an end eventually, and hopefully I’ll have them all posted by the end of the year.

Book Reviews

I’m really hoping to get back into writing reviews about the books I’ve read.


I hope you guys stick with me and my continued ramblings.  As I’ve mentioned before, don’t be afraid to comment on my posts! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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