12 Days of Christmas Songs: Day Twelve

Heat Miser Song:

Snow Miser Song:

Day Twelve: The Heat Miser Song and The Snow Miser Song From “The Year Without a Santa Claus”

Our last day of 12 Days of Christmas Songs is here and with it, I’m cheating a little and technically using two songs: The Heat Miser Song and the Snow Miser Song from The Year Without a Santa Claus”.  From 1974, the two songs from this movie were instant classics.  Even if people don’t remember which movie they are from, most people remember the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser themselves.  Heat Miser’s song is slower than Snow’s, but both incorporate the same underlying beat and tones.  I’ve always loved Heat and Snow Miser and always try and watch this movie mainly for their songs.  Heat Miser’s song is my main ringtone this year and my sister’s personal ringtone on my phone is Snow Miser’s song—as we’ve always said she was Snow Miser and I would be Heat Miser.  Let me know your thoughts on the songs!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this posts and hopefully found song new Christmas music to check out!  Merry Christmas!

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