A Journey Awaits with Dr. Jekyll….and Mr Hyde

The cast of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
The cast of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Last week was the premiere of CBC’s new show Jekyll and Hyde.  The show, which originally aired in the UK on ITV, is based on the story the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde from 1886.  When I first heard about the show, I was excited at the prospect of what the show might entail.  I’ve always found Jekyll and Hyde to be an intriguing character, one whom I don’t actually know too much about.  I was interested in how this show was going to portray such a famous character so I started watching—and I must say, after two episodes I’m already hooked.  Here’s a look at the first two episodes, without giving away too many spoilers—as I really think you should watch this show for yourself.

The show started in Ceylon, where we met Dr. Jekyll—tall, handsome, and incredibly sweet Dr. Jekyll—and his foster family.  Working as a doctor in a small village where a car crashed through the wall, Jekyll manages to lift the car off the small child underneath, thus saving her life (all with only a few twitches to his handsome face).  His actions, however, result in his name appearing in the local paper.  With his name in the newspaper, Robert Jekyll is contacted by a lawyer from London, claiming to have news about his biological grandfather’s estate.  Knowing nothing of his biological family, Dr. Jekyll decides to head to London in hopes of learning about his past—and hopefully learning a bit more about his genetic hormone imbalance.

The show’s main setting is London in the 1930s with Robert Jekyll trying to find out more about his family and the strange genetic anomaly that makes him sometimes act not quite like himself.  Last night’s episode saw Dr. Jekyll uncovering the truth about his grandfather’s experiments which ultimately created his alter ego, Mr. Hyde.  This discovery will lead to a lot of questions for Dr. Jekyll, I’m sure, and I cannot wait to uncover them as well.  We’ve also seen the hunt for Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde begin with two different groups searching for him for their own nefarious reasons.  I’m really excited to see where this show leads.

Dr. Jekyll (left) and Mr Hyde (right)
Dr. Jekyll (left) and Mr Hyde (right)

I’d also really like to point out how brilliant Tom Bateman (Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde) is at portraying these two vastly different characters who are technically, the same man.  Robert Jekyll comes across as sweet, shy, and somewhat innocent…and then he turns.  Mr Hyde is somewhat delicious, with his deep voice and somewhat dark and mysterious charm.  I know you’re not necessarily supposed to feel that way, but Tom Bateman makes both Jekyll and Hyde incredibly swoon worthy.  It’s amazing to see one actor take on the role of ultimately two characters who behave so differently, while also making it known that it’s the same man.

I really hope this show doesn’t get cancelled (as it did in the UK) as I’d really like to see where it goes.  I think it’ll be an interesting journey to follow.  I’m not really sure what the future of this show will be, but hopefully we’ll have more than one season (a girl can dream)!  Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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