365 DoW: Day One

3 April 2016

Today’s prompt: Escape! Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from)

My ultimate escape plan is one that I think of every time I am at work.  I work in a grocery store in the back at the salad bar.  For some reason, when I work shifts by myself, I really notice how quiet it can be in the back, and when it’s quiet, I can’t help but let my mind wander.  One of the things I always come back to is what I would do if a zombie apocalypse broke out while I was at work, alone, in the backroom.

Zombies are something that I love, but am incredibly terrified of.  Seriously, it’s a real fear.  For this reason, I’ve thought long and hard about how I would escape this terrifying experience.

For starters, I would grab the mini machete that we use to cut watermelon and other large fruits.  This knife is intense and would be great for hacking off limbs and chopping into necks.  Now, conveniently right next to where I work is an emergency exit.  I would go through the emergency exit which leads to the forest behind my store.  From here, I would try to get myself back home.  Luckily, I work down the street from my house, so if the zombie apocalypse was just starting, I may have a chance to make it to my house without getting eaten.

Once home, I’d make sure to lock all the doors so I had time to gather all my supplies and wait for my family (fingers crossed) so we could get out.

As far as supplies go, I’ve also thought long and hard about this.  First, I’d grab alllllll the winter gear we have in my house—and we live in Canada, so we have a lot—but we’ll get to the importance of that in a little bit.  I’d make sure to grab all the blankets we have in my house too, which is also a lot.  I’d make sure we stocked up on all the food in our house that wouldn’t go bad, which is, surprise surprise, you guessed it, a lot!  Now I’d make sure we grabbed all the other essential everyday things that we would need—who knows how long this is going to last.

On to weapons.  I’d grab the old bayonet that we have in our basement as well as some baseball bats, fire pokers, knives, anything that can cause damage basically.  My sister brought up another really good supply—shin pads, helmets and other protective gear.  Anything that will make it harder for zombies to bite your skin.

Once we had all our supplies stocked up in one vehicle, we’d siphon the gas from our other two cars, and head out.  My plan is to head north, like far north.  I like to think that zombies would have a harder time chasing you in the snow and ice.  This is why we grabbed all our winter gear and blankets.  Also, the farther north you go in Canada, the less populated it becomes.  Less people=less zombies!

I’ve never really thought about what we’d do next.  I like to think we’d find a few other people and together we would survive.

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