365 DoW: Day Three

5 April 2016

Today’s Prompt: Share the love! Tell us about a blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

The blogger I have chosen for this prompt is my sister, Michelle.  You can find her blog here: offonatangerine.

My sister, Michelle (right) and me (left).
My sister, Michelle (right) and me (left).

My sister and I often call ourselves twins, 2.5 years apart.  We often think alike, we sometimes talk alike, and we like many of the same things.  We call it our “hive mind”.  There are many reasons that she’s the one who has influenced my blog the most.  When I first started my blog, she helped me think of fun things to write about.  Now, we often discuss what we’re writing about and we really like to bounce ideas off each other.

When it comes to blogging, we tend to sit down together and both work on our blogs.  Sometimes it helps having someone to talk things out with.  We share ideas for new posts, features, and pages.  We even force each other to write when one of us isn’t all that inspired.  We take time to promote and encourage each other by sharing each other’s posts on our various media sites!

Having someone who can sit with you to brainstorm ideas has really helped me with writing this blog.  We work really well together and often think of things that the other may not have.

If you like what I write, you should definitely check out her blog!

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