#tpt: Fast Girls and R.L. Stine’s Haunting Hour

Today’s Top Picks
FastGirls_DVD_LOCMy first pick for today is a British film my sister and I first discovered a couple of years ago called Fast Girls.  The film follows sprinter Shania Andrews as she attempts to navigate her way to the World Championships.  Literally starting from the bottom, running on a crappy old track with her falling apart shoes, Shania wants to become a part of the British track team for her event, the 200 meter sprint.  Along the way, Shania is recruited for the ladies relay team, consisting of her main rival, Lisa Temple.

The film is chock full of drama, laughs, and plenty of running.  Fast Girls is such a hidden gem!  In fact, my sister and I first saw this film a few years ago when we were house sitting and instantly loved it.  Yesterday, we convinced our parents to sit down and watch it with us and they were not disappointed.  They ended up loving the film as much as we do.  If you’re a fan of sports movies, I’d definitely check this one out.  It’s a great underdog story that really keeps your interest the whole way through!

Fast Girls stars some really great British actors as well, including, Lenora Crichlow, Lily James, Bradley James (no relation to Lily), Noel Clarke, and Rupert Graves.  You may not recognize them by name, but chances are, if you’re a fan of British television, you’ve seen them before.

I would definitely check this movie out!

My second pick for today is R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.  Based on a series of Stine’s works, The Haunting Hour is two back to back episodes of creepily good fun.  Each half hour episode is a scary thrill.  The show, which has a parental advisory for children under seven, can actually be quite creepy at times.  I sit down with my mom and sister almost every night and try to catch the show.


There were only four seasons, which aired from 2010-2014, so there are no new episodes unfortunately.  This show is similar to Goosebumps, an older show many of us watched as kids, which was also based off of R.L. Stine’s works.  Each episode features a new cast and scary events involving creatures like ghosts, witches, and monsters.  Haunting Hour is actually much darker than Goosebumps and almost never have a happy ending—after all, Stine’s children’s stories are known for their twists.

r-l-_stines_the_haunting_hour_vol-_1__2_clip_2-0-1One of the series episodes that I have found the most creepy revolves around this terrifying doll named Lilly D.  There have been three episodes with Lilly D and they are all incredibly creepy.  She’s a doll that doesn’t have a heart and is really bad.  She wants to be human so she starts doing all these awful things to the girl who owns her.  Eventually, a few seasons later, there was a final episode with Lilly D and she actually tries to murder the young girl who found her with a kitchen knife!  Talk about terrifying! This show knows how to give adults the chills!

Some episodes are really cheesy, but for the most part, it’s a good hour of family haunting!  If you were a fan of Goosebumps growing up, you should definitely check out R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.

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