365 DoW: Day Nineteen

21 April 2016

Today’s prompt: Companionable!  Head to one of your favourite blogs.  Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

Blog: offonatangerine

Post: Fanfiction Friday-Rock and Royalty by TheRoyalsonE

Fanfiction Fridays are one of my favourite weekly features that can be found on a person’s personal blog.  As someone who is a part of many fandoms, I love immersing myself more into the world by reading fanfiction.  There are so many fanfics out there that are incredibly well written and tell wonderful additional tales about the world in which they are set.

The author of Offonatangerine started a weekly feature where she promotes a fanfiction that she has found and enjoyed, mostly from Wattpad.  Last week’s fanfic, titled Rock and Royalty, is about two of the main characters, Eleanor and Liam, from the television show The Royals on E.  As stated by Offonatangerine, the author of this story actually works for E Network and was asked to create a Wattpad story about these characters.  Rock and Royalty gives us some more insight into these characters that we know and love from the tv show.

That’s what is so great about fanfiction—it’s open to interpretation and allows young writers a chance to delve into their skills about a subject they know and love.

If you love reading fanfiction, you should definitely check out Offonatangerine’s weekly Fanfiction Fridays—you won’t be disappointed!


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