365 DoW: Day Twenty Three

25 April 2016

Today’s prompt: Clone wars! If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

I like to think if I could clone myself, I’d be able to create more than one clone.  Clone #1 would be my worker bee.  She would be the one to go to work every day for me.  Clone #2 would be my smart, school clone.  Though I already have a degree, I’ve always wanted to learn more, so I would send her to university to earn some more degrees.  This would also help build my resume for Clone #1.  Lastly, as the original, I would take it upon myself to enjoy my life.  I’d travel the world and do all the things I’ve always wanted.  I’d make it my mission to complete my bucket list.  I wouldn’t want too many clones of myself, but I can’t lie and say I’ve never thought how great it would be to have another me out there.

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