365 DoW: Day Twenty Eight

30 April 2016

Today’s prompt: Art appreciation!  Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art?  To spend money on it?

When it comes to art, I don’t generally concern myself with the artist’s lifestyle or politics.  I’m not buying the art because I agree with whatever that artist believes in their personal life.  For the most part, I’ll buy a piece of art simply because the art itself speaks to me.  Also, I don’t always know the artist whose work I am admiring.

However, there are exceptions to pretty much every rule.  I probably wouldn’t buy art if it was created by someone who I absolutely detested, like say, a dictator who murders innocent people.  I think if the artist was a truly terrible person who did horrible things in history or even today, I wouldn’t want to spend money and support their beliefs.

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