365 DoW: Day Thirty

2 May 2016

Today’s prompt: Mad libs! Turn to your co-workers, kids, friends, family—anyone who’s accessible—and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun.  There’s your post title! Now write.

*Disclaimer: All images in this post were found on google. I do not own the rights to any of the photos.

A Fluffy Owl


Once upon a time, in a dark, mystical forest, there lived a fluffy owl named, Galileo.  He lived in the biggest tree in a small little cabin.  Now, Galileo knew the forest well, but one day, a massive storm swept through, sending his cabin crashing down.  As his cabin plummeted to the forest floor, Galileo tried his best to see where it landed.  The wind raged and the storm carried on, causing Galileo to seek refuge under the tree’s large leaves.  Waiting for the storm to end, Galileo lost sight of his cabin.

When the storm finally ended, the forest was finally calm.  Packing a small bag of necessities, Galileo set out to find the remains of his cabin, for he had precious mementos stored inside.  With his little bag, Galileo flew down from his tree and started his journey.  Along the way, Galileo met many helpful forest creatures.  When asked if they’d seen his cabin, each of the forest creatures had a different answer.

“I saw a little cabin go that way”, said the little red fox pointing towards the northern hills.

“No silly”, said the shy young rabbit, “it definitely went that way”, as he pointed the opposite way, towards the light stream that flowed through the forest.

“Oh,” said Galileo, as he sat on a fallen tree branch.  “I’ll never find my cabin”.

Sensing his despair, the forest creatures that had gathered agreed to help Galileo search for his lost home.

“I’ll go towards the hills and see what I can find,” the little red fox offered.

“Well I’ll go to the stream and see if it ended up there,” the young rabbit exclaimed.

‘What am I to do’, Galileo thought.  Thanking his new friends for their help, the three forest creatures all set out in different directions after agreeing to meet back in this spot before nightfall.

Galileo continued flying low in the direction he originally started.  As he flew, he wondered if his new friends were any more successful than he was.  He hadn’t spotted a single clue that would lead him to his cabin.  As night started to fall, Galileo turned around and went back the way he had come.  He hadn’t found his cabin, but maybe one of his new friends had.

“The cabin wasn’t by the hills,” the little fox said.

“It wasn’t by the stream either,” the young rabbit stated.

“Oh dear,” said the owl.  “I’ll never find it now”.

8fc605fa9e1d594ff41a9121d3430b30The little red fox and the shy young rabbit knew how the owl felt.  They had both lost their homes during the storm as well.  Sitting together on the fallen trees, the three forest creatures discussed what it was about their homes that they missed most.  Not knowing what else to do, the three new friends settled down for the night under the protection of the fallen trees.

When the morning sun shone through the canopy of trees, Galileo had a brilliant idea.

“None of us have homes now,” Galileo said to his new friends.  “So why don’t we build a new one here?  We can each build our own home around this fallen tree.”

The little red fox and the young rabbit
The little red fox and the young rabbit

The little red fox and the young rabbit agreed, for they realized that what they were missing was not a building, but a semblance of home.  A building isn’t a home.  What makes it a home is those who you share it with.  Having lived alone in his cabin, Galileo was happier with his new friends in their new village than he ever was before.

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