#tpt: Fringe

14 June 2016

Today’s Top Pick

p186601_b_v9_acI only have one pick for this week and it is the television show Fringe.  Airing from 2008-2013, Fringe is an American science fiction show set mainly in Boston, Massachusetts.  The show follows the lives of Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, and his ‘mad scientist’ father, Walter Bishop, who are members of the Fringe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operating under Homeland Security.

Using fringe science and FBI techniques, the Fringe team investigates unexplained cases ranging from human experiments gone wrong to strangely mutated beings, all from Walter’s lab in an abandoned section of Harvard University.

For those of you who do not know, fringe science is any field of unorthodox scientific inquiry.

massive dynamicThroughout the series, the team discovers many unsettling things, which often lead back to Massive Dynamic, a highly advance biotechnology company founded by Walter’s former partner, Dr. William Bell.  The company is run by sometimes friend, Nina Sharp.

With the help of some other important characters, Olivia, Peter, and Walter discover the existence of a parallel universe which is getting closer to crashing into our world.  The team must work together with their other selves to keep the two worlds separate.

This show is kind of hard to explain without giving too much away, so I’ll just say this, Fringe is amazing and remains one of my favourite shows to this day.  I’ve actually watched it more than once, and absolutely love everything about it.

olivia and walterWalter is an absolute peach and so very very precious.  When Walter was sad, I was sad!  I also really loved the growth of Peter and Olivia’s relationship.  The bond that they shared was incredible and I loved the way it grew as the seasons developed.  I also really loved the father-daughter relationship that developed between Walter and Olivia as the show went on.  They were so sweet.  You can definitely tell that they truly cared for each other.

olivia dunham
Actual badass, Olivia Dunham.

I loved most of the characters in this show and found that they all had great depth and growth, but my favourite was, and will always be, Olivia Dunham.  She’s such a strong female character that had incredible depth, growth, and character development.  She was strong and emotional, reacting to things how most of us wish we would.  Olivia was just such a well written (and performed) character and I just really love her.

If you like sci-fi, I would definitely recommend this show.  I’d also recommend it to those of you who like a good cop show.  The sci-fi aspect is just a really neat extra to go with the good, old-fashioned FBI crime show.

Have you ever watched Fringe?  Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you guys!!

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