#tpt: Killjoys

28 June 2016

Today’s Top Pick

killjoys-first-season-2015.36330Hello dreamers! I’m back with today’s top pick, which is the Canadian (yay) television show Killjoys.  This show is a space adventure series that airs on Space channel in Canada and premiered June 19th 2015.  Side note: the second season is set to premiere July 1 (this Friday), so you have time to get caught up!

Set in an intergalactic system known as the Quad, Killjoys focusses on a trio of bounty hunters (aka Killjoys) as they take on various missions.  Dutch, along with Johnny Jaqobis and new recruit D’avin, track down criminals with warrants to their names throughout the planets while remaining a neutral party to class politics.

I myself am not quite finished season one, but the show had me hooked right from the very first episode.  I found that this show has really strong, well-written characters with flaws just like real people.

dutchDutch, the leader, is such an interesting character.  As the first season has developed, we’ve come to know more about her, like the fact that her name is really Yalena, but she is still shrouded in mystery.  She’s such a strong badass character and I love that she’s in charge.  She reminds me a bit of Lara Croft—a pretty big idol of mine—and handles herself really well in the company of those who think they are better than her.  Dutch is a kickass fighter and is also incredibly smart.  She’s a great female character for young girls to look up to

john jaqobisJohn Jaqobis, played by Aaron Ashmore—let’s be real, who doesn’t love the Ashmore brothers…they’re like a national treasure—is incredibly smart, regardless of his dyslexia.  He’s really good with any tech and can fix pretty much anything.  John has a hilarious relationship with their ship, Lucy, and often talks to her while he works on things.  I also really love the close sibling-like bond that Dutch and ‘Johnny’ have.  Sure they keep secrets from each other, but what siblings don’t?  They’re extremely close and it really comes across in the way they interact.

d'avinFinally, there’s D’avin.  Without giving away too much of his story, I can say that D’avin’s been growing with each episode.  We’re slowly learning more about him too.  We know that D’avin is a true soldier at heart, even now that he’s no longer in the service.  I think it’ll be really interesting as we get to know more about his past as the next season airs.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and space shows, you should definitely check out Killjoys.  With only 10 episodes in season one, you have plenty of time to finish the first season before the next one airs on Friday!  Let me know if you check this show out, or if you already watch it.  Remember dreamers, the warrant is all!


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