#tpt: The Brokenwood Mysteries and Mr and Mrs Murder

4 April 2017

Today’s Top Picks:

I’m back this week with two top picks—The Brokenwood Mysteries and Mr and Mrs Murder.

Set in the fictional town of Brokenwood, New Zealand, The Brokenwood Mysteries is a television show following a group of detectives as they solve various murders.  In the first episode of the show, Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd is sent to Brokenwood from Auckland to assist in a murder investigation.  Throughout the show, we also meet Detective Kristin Sims and Detective Constable Sam Breen.

With only three seasons—each only four episodes long—The Brokenwood Mysteries is definitely a show you should catch up on.  In each episode, a body is discovered and our team of detectives must figure out not only who the victim is, but who the murderer is.  The murders that take place in this show are usually really interesting, and it’s a lot of fun trying to figure out who the killer is along the way.

Jared Morehu

Throughout the show, there’s a reoccurring character that I’m guessing most people will love—Jared Morehu.  Jared, a local with many friends and interests in the town, is Mike Shepherd’s neighbour, and often ends up involved in the case.  The friendship that grows between Jared Morehu and Mike Shepherd is actually one of my favourite things about the show.  It’s nice to see these two guys from very different backgrounds and lifestyles become friends and help each other out when needed.

I’m not sure where you can find this show online, but definitely check your local library’s TV DVD collection—that’s where I borrowed the seasons from.  If you’re a fan of murder mysteries, you should definitely check out The Brokenwood Mysteries. 


My second pick for the day is the Australian television show Mr and Mrs Murder.  Similar to The Brokenwood Mysteries, Mr and Mrs Murder is another murder mystery crime show.  This show, however, is more of a comedy.

Charlie and Nicola Buchanan

The two main characters, husband and wife Charlie and Nicola Buchanan, run an industrial cleaning business, specializing in cleaning crime scenes.  They are usually called in by Nicola’s friend, Detective Peter Vinetti, after a murder has taken place to clean the crime scene.  However, both Nicola and Charlie are very inquisitive and find themselves trying to piece together the events leading up to the murder.

With the help of their niece, Jess, the Buchanan’s kind of become amateur sleuths, asking questions and solving murders.  The dynamic between the Buchanan’s, their niece, and Detective Vinetti is absolutely hilarious.  Nicola and Charlie are absolutely adorable and really seem to enjoy both their job and sleuthing.  It’s also really funny how they manage to drag Jess into so many strange situations.  For instance, in the first episode, Nicola and Charlie are cleaning a crime scene in a hotel.  In order to find out more information, they get their niece to apply as a maid at the hotel.  Posing as a maid, she is able to find out all kinds of information to help the Buchanan’s eventually solve the murder.

If you’re looking for a murder mystery that’s a bit less doom and gloom, this is definitely the one for you.  Chalk full of murder and comedy, Mr and Mrs Murder is one to check out!

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