#tpt: Jack Taylor

18 April 2017

Today’s Top Pick

For this week, I only have one top pick, but it’s a great one.  I chose the Irish television show Jack Taylor.  The show is based off of a series of novels by author Ken Bruen.

Set in Galway, Jack Taylor stars Iain Glen as the titular character, a former Garda officer turned unofficial private-eye.  With an eye for clues that others miss—the Garda in particular—Jack has a long list of clients that seek him out for help solving crimes.  He often takes on unusual cases or ones that the Garda failed to solve.  As a result, the people of Galway seem to trust him and are more willing to talk to him than the Garda.

With his incredible knowledge of his city, as well as the people living in it, Jack manages to piece together obscure clues and bits of evidence.  Jack, however, often finding himself in spots of trouble.  This is where some of his old Garda acquaintances—mostly Kate Noonan—step in and sometimes lend a hand.  As the show continues, Jack and Kate form a closer bond, often working together to solve cases.

Each of the three seasons of Jack Taylor has three feature-length episodes for you to enjoy.  When investigating these cases, Jack continuously uncovers secrets and truths that he never knew about his past, his city, and the lives of those around him.  The cases are often very dark and have so many twists and turns throughout.  Just when you think you’ve figured out who the murderer is, another twist comes along and throws you off the trail.

I’m honestly so in love with this show.  It’s brilliantly filmed and put together.  Fans of Game of Thrones should recognize Ser Jorah Mormont as Jack Taylor!  Iain Glen really is amazing as Jack.  He’s just such a believable character.  He has so many layers and such depth to him, that sometimes you really do forget that he’s just a character in a show.

If you’re a fan of crime shows and murder mysteries, I would definitely check out Jack Taylor.  Let me know in the comments what you think!

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