Raleigh Ritchie—The Greatest

The man himself, Raleigh Ritchie!

Last night I had an amazing time seeing Raleigh Ritchie perform live at the Velvet Underground in Toronto.  Some of you might recognize the name from this blog.  That’s because, my very first Top Pick Tuesday post on 5 April 2016 was about Raleigh Ritchie.  His debut album You’re a Man Now Boy was released 26 February 2016 and I couldn’t stop listening to it.  It’s very rare for me to find an album in which I love every song, but I found that with YAMNB.  It still remains one of my most played albums—now joined by Raleigh’s EP Mind the Gap which was released 16 December 2016.

If you haven’t checked out his music any of the times I’ve mentioned it, you really should.  You are seriously missing out.

This brings us to the concert last night.  Let me just start by saying it was incredible.  Raleigh Ritchie sounds exactly the same as he does on his tracks.  His voice is basically a gift from the gods!  His band was also really good and seemed to be having a lot of fun.  I had never been to the Velvet Underground before so I had no idea what to expect, but I really enjoyed the venue.  It was fairly small, but it just made the event seem that much more intimate.

When my sister and I first arrived, there weren’t too many people, so I managed to make my way to the very front of the stage—where I stayed for the entirety of the concert!  Raleigh just has so much energy and he really made the crowd feel involved.  He paused occasionally to share the inspirations behind some of his songs, as well as to tell the crowd when to sing, jump, or shower dance!

Being at the very front was amazing as there wasn’t any kind of barrier between the stage and the crowd.  When he was singing, Raleigh kept coming over to our side of the stage—I like to think it’s because we were singing along louder—and he was literally right in front of me!  I even got to high-five him!!  I also just want to add that he has the cutest smile ever and I adore his accent.

Raleigh Ritchie performed a whole slew of songs and even came back on stage for two encore songs.  I was incredibly happy with his set—I even snagged a set list from the stage—and really enjoyed singing along to all the songs.  The best moment for me though, had to be Raleigh’s very last song of the night, which is my all time favourite, “The Greatest”.  “Bloodsport” is a close second, but “The Greatest” just has such a great beat to sing and dance along to.  It was a wonderful way to end such an unforgettable night.  I’ll definitely see him again if he ever decides to come back!

Note: I have some more photos and some videos that I’ll post this weekend!

Let me know if you check out Raleigh Ritchie!!

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