Fan Expo Canada 2017

Last weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at Fan Expo Canada again.  Like last year, I was in the autograph area, manning the celebrities’ lines.

Every year during the Labour Day long weekend, Fan Expo Canada runs for four days and brings thousands of people to the city of Toronto.  Held at the Metro Convention Centre, Fan Expo is the third largest pop culture con in North America.

Being a volunteer in the autograph lines is my favourite role.  We work with the celebrities’ handlers to make sure everything runs smoothly and to guarantee that fans get their autograph or selfies.

This year, I ended up kind of being all over the place when it came to what lines I was working.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to work Norman Reedus’ line.  Now, Norman Reedus has been one of my long-time loves—ever since seeing him as Murphy MacManus in Boondock Saints way back when—so working his line was awesome.  I’ve also loved watching his character development as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead.  Norman’s line was insanely busy all weekend, but he still took a few minutes to thank his volunteers at the end.  I was even lucky enough to snap a quick pic with him before he had to leave.

Finally met Norman Reedus!

My other favourite part of the weekend was working Bob Morley’s line on Sunday.  For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Morley stars in the television show The 100 as Bellamy Blake, one of my favourite characters.  Morley had to leave early on the Sunday as he had to catch a plane, but he also took a few minutes to take photos with the volunteers working his line and it was truly amazing.

Meeting Bob Morley was incredible!

Not only did I get to take photos with 2 actors I really love, I was lucky enough to hug them both and have a quick conversation with each.

Sadly, I ended up working the entire con this year, so I never had a chance to check anything else out, but I still had a lot of fun.  Autographs is the best place to volunteer and I made some amazing new friends this year too, as well as reuniting with some friends I made volunteering at previous cons.

What’s your favourite part of cons?  Have any of you been to Fan Expo Canada or have any cool stories from past cons?  I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Fan Expo Canada 2017

  1. Thats amazing that you met Norman. I was fortunate enough to meet him in 2014, but now, his line-ups have become so crazy, I would end up spending half a day. I only went on the Saturday and Sunday this year, but was able to see quite a bunch of stuff! Definitely another great weekend in the books.

    1. Meeting Norman was a dream come true..I’ve been a fan for so long, so it was just really amazing! I kind of wish I had the chance to meet him all those years ago before TWD (not that I don’t love TWD too). That’s awesome that you had a great time. There’s nothing quite like Fan Expo!

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