#tpt: The Lowe Files

12 September 2017

Today’s Top Pick

lowe files

My top pick for this week is The Lowe Files.  Starring Rob Lowe and his two sons, Matthew and John Owen, as they set off on adventures to try and debunk or prove various urban legends.

Unlike most reality shows created by celebrities, The Lowe Files isn’t about just following Rob Lowe and his family around in their daily lives.  Lowe and his sons have an interest in different myths and legends just like many of us.

Hunting for ghosts

Each episode revolves around one specific legend as they meet with specialists and others to try and prove if the legend is true or not.  So far, we’ve seen the Lowe men look for aliens, secret army bases, big foot, and even an undiscovered underwater cave system, just to name a few.

The show itself has an interesting premise, but it’s also really fun to see the way Rob Lowe and his boys interact.  It’s funny how much the boys love teasing their father—and each other.

50001699The Lowe Files is just all around a lot of fun to watch.  Plus, for anyone who’s ever been interested in these kinds of legends, it’s fascinating to see what evidence, if any, they find.

I would definitely recommend checking out The Lowe Files.  It’s a great show to watch with family as well.





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