#tpt: Counterfeit

17 October 2017

Today’s Top Pick

My top pick for the week is UK band Counterfeit.  I’d heard about this band before, but never had the chance to check them out.


The other day, I was looking for some new music and remembered hearing about Counterfeit.  So, I did what any sane person would do…checked them out on youtube and immediately downloaded the entire album.

I am actually 100% in love with their debut album Together We Are Stronger.  Comprised of 5 members—you may recognize the lead singer, actor, Jamie Campbell Bower—Counterfeit formed in 2015 and have been recording music and playing shows ever since.  Released in March of 2017, Together We Are Stronger is an incredible album.  I was trying to think of a favourite song, but it’s nearly impossible to pick just one.

Counterfeit has a really cool sound and their debut album reminds me of some of my favourite songs by some of my favourite bands.

Definitely check out Enough and You Can’t Rely.

Let me know what you think! If you like the songs below, please check out their full album!


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