Simple slights are bullying too

On Monday, January 15, I was excited to bring in some posters to my workplace that I had made for the CN Tower climb.  This morning, I came into work to see that someone had doodled on the picture of my face, drawing a moustache, goatee, and unibrow.

26943539_10159911908520471_586414019_nYou may think it’s harmless and just a funny little prank, but it’s not.  Perhaps you didn’t think about it at all.  You don’t know someone else’s life or what they are going through.  Everyone is struggling with something.

This made me feel like I was back in high school.  It took me to a place I’ve fought so hard to climb out of.

We shouldn’t stand for workplace bullying.  Any act that belittles someone isn’t acceptable.

I’m trying to raise money and do something good, and now, people are just going to laugh about it—I had a few coworkers laugh and ask me if I’d seen my poster.  Yes, thank you, I have.

When I texted my sister about it, she told me to file a complaint at work, and my first thought was, “people will think I’m being dramatic”.  How sad is that?  That my first thought isn’t even about how it makes me feel.  Instead, I’m worried about how others will perceive it.  What kind of society do we live in that I was bullied at work and I feel bad about filing a complaint?

This whole situation has made me realize, I don’t have to justify my feelings.  This hurt me, and I am allowed to feel this way.

The action, however small it may seem to you, is a big deal to me.  I suffered for a long time growing up with bullying, and to be an adult, and come into work where something like this happens is unacceptable.  Work should be a safe place.  We are adults.  Nobody should be made to feel this way in the workplace.

What I’m really getting at is this: think before you act!  Behaviour like this shouldn’t be accepted in schools, in workplaces, or anywhere else.  You really don’t know about someone else’s life or how things make them feel.  So please, as Ellen always says, be kind to one another.


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