#tpt: Instinct

27 March 2018

Today’s Top Pick

My latest top pick is the new television show Instinct starring Alan Cumming as Dr. Dylan Reinhart.


Instinct follows author/university professor Dr. Dylan Reinhart as he is drawn back into his old life by NYPD detective Elizabeth Needham.  Detective Needham has a case following a serial killer who is using Dr. Reinhart’s book as inspiration.  She goes to Reinhart for help solving the case.  As a former CIA agent, Reinhart is enticed to help, as deep down he misses his former lifestyle.

With only two episodes having aired, there isn’t a whole lot to go on, but I’m already addicted.  I’ve always really loved detective/crime shows so it’s no surprise that I enjoy this one so much.

instinct2.gifI really love the idea of having a university professor and a detective working together.  The dynamic is really neat and the two main characters work so well together.  Not to mention, this show has some great humour in it.  Alan Cumming is honestly so great and his smile just makes you smile too.  I think this show is going to continue to be really entertaining and I will continue to watch every Sunday.

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