#tpt: Time in a Tree by Raleigh Ritchie

7 August 2018

Today’s Top Pick

time in a treeMy top pick for the week is a song that I am currently obsessed with.  Released last week, Time in a Tree is a new song by one of my favourite artists, Raleigh Ritchie.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have heard the name mentioned before.  I first discovered Raleigh Ritchie a couple years ago after hearing the song Bloodsport off Ritchie’s debut studio album, You’re a Man Now Boy and was instantly in love.  After listening to the whole album, it’s been nothing but love ever since.

I went back and found some older songs that Ritchie recorded and fell in love with those too.  I’ve even seen Raleigh Ritchie live when he came to Toronto last year—which I also wrote about here.  The concert was amazing, and I even got to high-five Raleigh Ritchie!

Very seldom do I find an artist who continuously releases music that I love.  There’s usually at least one or two songs that I dislike, but that isn’t the case with Ritchie.  Every song is absolutely incredible.

Ritchie’s newest song, Time in a Tree is no exception.  Seriously, I’m obsessed.  The lyrics are beautiful and so truthful.  People always talk about how they relate to lyrics or the message behind songs, but I’ve never really felt that until Raleigh Ritchie came along.  I’ve always just listened to music simply because I like the sound.  With Ritchie, however, I often find that I really relate to what the songs are about.

I read an article on Time.com the other day where Ritchie talks about the meaning behind the song: to find inner peace.  As someone who is always thinking a million different things and often over thinks every situation, it’s a song I can easily relate to, especially with the constant growing pressures of society.

I really encourage everyone to give this song a listen.  The melody is breathtaking and the lyrics, as I’ve stated, are so truthful.  I was going to pick out one or two lyrics to include in this post, but the whole thing is just so good.  You really need to give it a listen yourself to truly appreciate it.

All in all, Time in a Tree is another incredible song by Raleigh Ritchie and I really can’t wait to see what he releases next—hopefully another album and North American tour!


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