#tpt: Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen

15 January 2019

Today’s Top Pick

My top pick for this week is Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen by Vicki Delany.  Set in Rudolph, New York, this cozy murder mystery takes place just before Christmas.  Known as “Christmastown”, the holiday is the most important season for the small town and all it’s citizens.

Relying heavily on tourists, the mysterious death of a well known journalist from World Journey magazine threatens to destroy their livelihood.  When the mysterious death is discovered to be a murder, everyone in Rudolph is a suspect. 

RYMG follows Mrs. Claus’s Treasures shop owner, Merry Wilkinson, as she tries to uncover the truth amongst her beloved small town. 

I always try and figure out who the murderer is as I read these books, but I was pleasantly stumped with RYMG.  I really enjoyed all the characters in this book as well.  They were well written and all very interesting. 

I’m looking forward to reading more about Merry, her dog Matterhorn—Mattie for short—and the rest of the citizens of Rudolph, New York. 

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