2018 Round Up—What in the world did I get up to? September-December

August 30-September 2

Tom Payne and I at Fan Expo 2018

I spent my Labour Day weekend volunteering at Fan Expo Canada again.  As with Comic Con, I worked the autograph lines with my con family.  I always have so much fun at Fan Expo and I truly have built a little con family for myself.  I’ve made some great friends and it’s always fun reconnecting with these people twice a year at Comic Con and Fan Expo.  At Fan Expo this year, I worked with some really cool celebrities again and had the opportunity to meet some more of my Walking Dead favourites.  My absolute favourite this year was Tom Payne—Jesus on the Walking Dead.  He was super lovely and took so many great photos with me.  I also had a lot of fun meeting the voice actors behind Grand Theft Auto, Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno, and Simon Ogg.  These guys were hilarious and so incredibly fun.  Once again, I had an incredible time at Fan Expo.

October 28

R.L. Stine signing my book

My sister has always been a huge fan of Halloween and R.L. Stine.  In the summer, I found an event taking place in Toronto where R.L. Stine was doing a panel and then doing a meet and greet/book signing.  Her best friend and I bought tickets to this event and thought it’d be a fun night out for her birthday.  She was so excited to meet one of her favourite authors.  R.L. Stine is actually hilarious.  It was an incredibly fun night and I think she really enjoyed meeting R.L. Stine and getting her favourite book by him signed. 

November 4-10

Momma B, Michelle, and me at Hogwarts!

My sister, mother, and I went to Orlando, Florida again to visit Universal Orlando.  We had so much fun the year before exploring the 2 amusement parks that we knew we had to go back.  We saved up again and went back to Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  Getting to walk around part of the Harry Potter world still absolutely amazes me and seeing Hogwarts in the flesh still makes me tear up a little.  The dragon at Gringotts shooting fire still makes me smile every time and I will never get enough of the two Harry Potter rides, Escape from Gringotts—my personal favourite—and Forbidden Journey.  From Spiderman and the Hulk, to the Harry Potter rides, from the Mummy to Transformers, the rides at Universal are amazing and I really love them all.  Taking this week long trip with my mom and sister is so much fun and I honestly can’t wait to go back one day—hopefully when the new Harry Potter ride is finished being built! 

December 9

Raleigh Ritchie at the Mod Club

I’ve stated on here quite a few times how much I love Raleigh Ritchie’s music and how amazing it was seeing him live in 2017.  In December last year, Raleigh Ritchie came back to Toronto for another concert.  When I first saw that he was coming, I immediately let my sister know that we would be going.  We bought the tickets ages in advance and I was super excited.  He’s one of the few artists whose music really inspires me and with which I can deeply connect.  This concert was just as amazing as the last, if not even a little better as he played my new favourite song, Time in a Tree.  If there was ever a song that I connect to on a spiritual level, it’s this one.  Right from the first time I hear this song, I knew that it would hold a special place in my life and hearing it performed live was remarkable.  I even managed to capture a video of him singing it, so I can relive this moment again and again.  If you still haven’t checked him out, I am begging you to do so!

December 24, 25, and 26th

Christmas eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day are very important to me.  It’s always just been my mom, dad, sister, and I at Christmas, so over the years we’ve created our own family traditions that we still keep up with to this day.  I only had Christmas and Boxing Day off from work, so we had to make the most of our two days.  Regardless of work, Christmas Eve always ends with the four of us watching The Polar Express.  Christmas day starts with stockings and coffee, then moves to breakfast and mimosas (or screwdrivers for me as I don’t really like champagne), presents, and then our big dinner.  After dinner we always pick a movie to watch and relax.  On Boxing day, my dad and I always get up super early and head to the stores to do some shopping.  After shopping, we always go to McDonalds for breakfast before going home to relax with my mom and sister.

Christmas with the family

2018 was incredibly exhausting, taxing, and challenging, but I managed to have loads of fun with my family and friends, going to events and just enjoying life.  So that wraps up everything important that I got up to last year.  Fingers crossed for an even more exciting 2019. 

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