#tpt: Crossing Lines

12 February 2019

Today’s Top Pick

My top pick for the week is the show Crossing Lines. I first started watching this show back in 2014 when season one first came out on DVD. However, while the show continued for two more seasons, it was not released on DVD in Canada. My family was truly upset, as not only is Crossing Lines an addictive show, but season one ended with a pretty big cliffhanger.

We are finally able to watch seasons two and three now as they are on Netflix, and let me just say, so far it has not disappointed. We finished season two last week, and, wow, just wow.

Crossing Lines follows a group of cops, detectives, etc from across Europe as they deal with cases that cross country borders. The team, put together and led by Major Louis Daniel from France, with the help of Michel Dorn, a member of the International Criminal Court, is made up of agents from Italy, Ireland, Germany, England, and even the United States.

I’m only done two seasons, but both were incredible and I believe season three will be as well, even with major changes to the cast. While I will definitely miss some of my favourite characters, I’m going to give the final season a watch regardless.

What makes Crossing Lines so interesting to me is how this group of international agents work so well together and are consistently able to connect cases from different countries. They find connections in murders, kidnappings, etc that wouldn’t normally be found and link them back to one assailant/case. From there, they work with local police to try and find the criminal/s. The dynamics of all the different teammates is also incredibly fun to watch. Regardless of how the team pairs off to investigate, the pairings always work out well.

Every episode will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out how the crimes are connected and who did it.

Crossing Lines is an amazing show and you should definitely check it out– all the different accents are a definite plus!

Let me know if you start watching!

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