2018 Round Up—What in the world did I get up to? Summer!

Summer’s always been an incredibly busy time in my life and this year was no different. I was fortunate enough to participate in lots of activities which I would like to share now. 

June 18-22 Las Vegas

The Park, Vegas

Like the last two years, my sister and I ventured to Las Vegas, Nevada for my birthday.  We stayed at the Luxor again as we really enjoyed it from the year before. 

This year was fun because we didn’t need to do the same exploring that we have both other trips. 

We woke up every morning and went down to the pool for a good portion of the day.  In the late afternoon, we’d go back to our room to freshen up and get ready to go out. 

We had many drinks and ate lots of great food for my birthday week.  We even found a Rainforest Café which was very nostalgic as we used to eat at the one by my grandparents’ old house all the time growing up. 

While we were in Las Vegas, my sister and I even got a tattoo.  This is something that we’ve been meaning to do literally forever, but never ended up doing.  I’m honestly so excited about this little tattoo and cannot wait to get more.

June 24 Cirque Du Soleil

The stage for Corteo

For Father’s Day this year, my mum, sister, and I bought tickets to take my dad to Cirque Du Soleil’s Corteo.  We’ve always been really interested in Cirque but have never had the opportunity to see a show.  Growing up, my dad and I used to watch Cirque whenever they aired the shows on the television.  Being able to see a show was so much fun.  It truly is an amazing experience. 

Dad and I at Cirque

July 13 Honda Indy Toronto

Me, Michelle, and Dad enjoying snow cones at the Indy

Every July, my sister, dad, and I try to go to the Honda Indy in Toronto.  The Honda Indy does a fan Friday where entrance is free.  It’s always fun to go and watch the cars.  My favourite type of racing is Formula One, but seeing as it’s an incredibly expensive sport, I’ll probably never get the chance to experience a race—unless I can get myself to Montreal one day. 

Fan Friday is always fun as there’s so much to see aside from all the races.  We were able to go to the paddocks to see some of the cars which was neat.

Dad, Michelle, and I at the track

The Honda Indy is always an incredibly fun day watching races, eating junk food, and spending time with my sister and dad. 

July 22 Blue Jays Game

Michelle and I at the game

For my mother’s birthday this year, my sister, dad, and I bought tickets to go to a Toronto Blue Jays game.  We’ve gone to a couple games as a family but always sit in the 500 level in the cheap seats.  This time, we bought tickets in the 200s and were able to see so much more!  Jays games are always fun in the summer in Toronto as we have the dome.  If it rains, the dome closes, and you’re completely covered, if it’s bright and sunny, you get the lovely warmth.  Plus, baseball games are just a fun event to attend. 

August 16 Medieval Times

You have to wear the crowns at Medieval Times!

To end our summer of adventures, my family and I went to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.  My sister and I had been once before, but neither of my parents had ever been.  We bought drinks at the bar before the show and explored the parts of the castle that they let you explore.  We then headed into the arena for a fun night of feasting and revelry.  The food is delicious, and the show is incredibly entertaining.  It’s not somewhere I would go frequently, but occasionally, it’s a fun place to go.  My whole family had a wonderful evening.

Michelle and I at Medieval Times

Overall, I had an incredible summer filled with lots of new adventures and a few traditions that I’ve had for the last few years. 

For more on what I was up to last year, stay tuned for part three, September-December!  Until next time dreamers!

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